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A perfect match with urban lifestyle due to the sleek SUV design and compact size: being refined yet dynamic, the Crossland X excels with its' practical and sporty elegance.
Premium design with a sense of German precision: Enjoy the available leather seats, intuitive handling and the "typical SUV" raised seating position, for your perfect panoramic view.
Coloured roof with panorama view

Enjoy the airy feeling of spaciousness: The floating roof in a different colour, combined with the panorama glassroof1 gives this crossover its final touch.




Safety & innovations

Innovative full-LED headlights
The Full LED Headlights are 30% brighter than regular halogen bulbs and ensure optimal illumination in every driving situation.
Rear View Camera & parking assistant
Clear view when going backwards: while the 180° panoramic rearview camera even lets you look around corners, the automatic parking assistant allows exiting parking spots handsfree.
Head-Up Display
The Head-up Display lets you check key info, like your speed or traffic signs, and still keep your eyes safely on the road. 
Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection
Just in case: Thanks to the automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, being on the road becomes much safer for you and others.
Side Blind Zone Alert
Side Blind Zone Alert warns the driver of rapidly approaching vehicles on parallel lanes that are currently in the blind spot with the aid of a warning icon in the wing mirrors, an audible warning and a visual warning in the Driver Information Cluster.  
Lane Keep Assist and Lane Departure Warning
Lane Keep Assist and Lane Departure Warning monitor the lane markings by using the camera to help calculate the trajectory path. While Lane Departure Warning simply warns the driver of having unintentionally left the marked lane, Lane Keep Assist actively reacts to dangerous driving by gently steering the vehicle back into the markings.  
Speed Sign Recognition

Speed Sign Recognition uses the front camera or navigation system to detect speed signs1 and display them onto the Driver Information Cluster.


1 Speed Sign Recognition displays all speed signs laid out by Vienna convention.


Driver Drowsiness Alert
Driver Drowsiness Alert detects the driver's state through monitoring the driving behavior and patterns. Through tracking how long the driver has been driving and by flagging up inattentive driving, the system warns the driver of the risks and reminds them to take a break. 


Baggage compartment
The Crossland X perfectly fits to your lifestyle, offering exceptional versatility and the storage space of a SUV – for whatever your day brings.
Agr seal of quality certified ergonomic seats 
Arrive relaxed: Thanks to our Ergonomic Active Seats that bear the AGR seal of quality (Campaign for Healthier Backs) incl. 16 adjustment options.


Seamlessly connect your smartphone via Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ with the Radio R 4.0 IntelliLink Infotainment System – and use your smartphone without any distraction.
User friendly features included: Navi 5.0 IntelliLink with voice control, colour touchscreen and Live Navigation Services takes you to your destination in a fast and comfortable way.
OpelConnect services
A smart range of services delivering a new degree of safety and support helps you stay connected on the road.  

Driving dynamics

As versatile as the Crossland X itself, is the range of dynamic and efficient petrol and diesel engines.
Shift with ease with the manual 5- or 6-gear transmissions. Or just let the 6-speed automatic take over - for a relaxed and smooth drive.

Special models

Crossland X 2020 full of extras as standard
Opel 2020 models gives customers exactly what they want by offering models that are fully equipped with innovative solutions as standard to suit all different needs.  
Step aboard first class: Experience the Crossland X with luxury features as standard.

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